School Uniforms

Uniform / Dress Code Guide

K3 & K4: Uniforms are not required for these classes. Shoes without back (flip flops, sandals, Crocs, etc.) are not permitted.

K5 – 8th Grade: Must wear logo-embroidered shirts purchased through one of our vendors. All shirts must be one of the following colors: red, navy, white or green. Boys may wear jeans, pants, and/or shorts and girls may wear jeans, pants, shorts, jumpers, skirts, skirts, or capris. All bottoms must be blue denim, khaki/navy twill, and khaki/navy corduroy and may be purchased from any vendor or store provided they conform to MRCA’s Uniform Guidelines. Refer to the Uniform Guide for specifics regarding the MRCA dress code. Teachers will note violations of dress code standards and will provide counsel and warning as necessary to students.

Links to school uniform vendors: