Athletics Program

Our philosophy of coaching and athletics is to encourage and guide our athletes to exemplify Christ in whatever they do, and to do everything with all their might.  (I Corinthians 10:31; Philippians 1:21; Ecclesiastes 9:10)

MRCA’s desire is that each athlete would possess and demonstrate Christ-like character qualities, expressing them openly through the medium of athletics.  We aim to build eternal values in our athletes, thereby stressing attitudes and actions that are consistent with the principles of God’s Word.

Our goal is to develop the physical skills as well as the spiritual nature of the athlete so the total person may be developed and composed by the Spirit of God.  (I Thessalonians 5:23)
Everything we do, including athletics, is for the purpose of glorifying Christ.

Our athletic objectives:

  • To bring glory to God and be witnesses for Him on the athletic field/court.
  • To enhance and develop the talents with which God has blessed each individual athlete.
  • To enhance and develop the positive attributes of sportsmanship:
    • Self-Discipline
    • Respect for self and opposition
    • Respect for coaches and officials
    • An awareness of representation of MRCA and the beliefs of the school
  • To strive for the pursuit of excellence on and off the field.

6th – 8th grade students may try out for the following sports teams:
Boys’ teams:

  • Fall Soccer, Fall Cross Country
  • Winter Basketball
  • Spring Golf

Girls’ teams:

  • Fall Volleyball, Fall Cross Country
  • Winter Basketball
  • Spring Soccer, Spring Golf

Meet our Athletic Coaches