Continuous Open Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

Does signing this agreement mean my child must stay at Mitchell Road Christian Academy through 8th grade? No, signing the continuous enrollment agreement does not bind you to remain at MRCA through 8th grade graduation. It simply allows parents to fill out less paperwork. The Admissions Office will assume your child is returning under the contract, unless you notify us otherwise in writing by January 31. You will have plenty of time to notify the school if the student is not returning during the re-enrollment process each winter. If your child is considering a transfer, please contact the Admissions Office at 864-268-2210 x338 or

Do I need to sign an agreement for a new student?
Existing families will sign one agreement to cover every child that is currently attending MRCA. If you are sending a new child in the coming years, you will need to sign a continuous enrollment agreement at the time of application for the new applicant only.

Does a continuous enrollment agreement guarantee registration for my child?
No, each family is required to abide by policies set forth in the Family Handbook. MRCA reserves the right to dismiss students who violate various policies or if the academic needs of a student can no longer be met at Mitchell Road Christian Academy.

Do both parents have to sign the enrollment agreement in cases of separation or divorce?
Both signatures are required on enrollment agreements. Each parent is required to sign an identical contract to the other. In one parent/sole custody households where only one parent makes education and financial decisions, then only one signature is required. Enrollment agreements are promises to enroll students, as well as promises to pay tuition and incidental expenses. Even if one parent in a separated household pays, the second parent, by signing, is agreeing to have the child enrolled at MRCA.

How do I inform MRCA of any medical information, medication, contact information, or other relevant updates to our family since the re-registration packet is no longer required?
Because the vast majority of you keep your information the same year after year, there is no reason to have you fill out the same paperwork on an annual basis. Therefore, we ask that you notify the Main Office as soon as possible in writing or via email of any changes (medical, contact information, or otherwise) to your child’s school file.

Will there still be a re-enrollment fee every year?
Yes, the re-enrollment fee is non-refundable and secures your child’s place at MRCA for the next school year. The re-enrollment fee for the 2018-19 school year is $225. After May 1, a $75 late fee will be added, bringing the re-enrollment fee to $300. This reenrollment fee is different from the one-time family enrollment fee that is due at the time of acceptance to MRCA.

What if our circumstances change mid-year, or after we sign the agreement or send in the deposit? Change in circumstances, including moves or financial changes, can be unpredictable. MRCA will do our best to support families during times of transition. If a family decides to move a child after November 1 of a school year, a $500 withdrawal fee will be assessed unless the move falls under the following criteria:

  • An out of town family move of greater than 30 miles;
  • MRCA can no longer meet the academic needs of a student; or
  • MRCA can no longer retain a student due to disciplinary reasons.

What if I am unsure of my intent to re-enroll my child?
MRCA’s Admissions Office will be happy to work with you in the event that you are unsure about enrolling your child in the next school year. Please contact the Admissions Office before January 31 to talk through your situation. However, we cannot hold a place for your child after January 31 if the re-enrollment fee has not been paid. Additionally, please be aware that the reenrollment fee will increase to $300 after May 1.

What if I choose not to re-enroll my child for the next school year?
If you are not planning to re-enroll your child at MRCA for the next school year, please notify our Admissions Office in writing or via email by January 31 to of your intent to withdraw.

How does this affect us if our family receives financial aid?
You must still apply for financial aid each year through FAST. Awards are evaluated on a student-by-student basis and do not necessarily remain the same each year. Please submit your financial aid applications February 1 for the next school year. Families receiving financial aid will be notified of the award by March 1. If you receive a financial aid award that does not meet your need, you may cancel the enrollment agreement in writing or email within ten (10) days of receiving the award without further obligation and receive a refund of the re-enrollment fee. If you do not cancel your agreement within ten (10) days of receiving the financial aid offer, the re-enrollment fee will not be refunded to you.